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Industry: Financial services


Index score: 13.6

Synonymous with major sports’ tournaments across the world, the California-based company, which connects consumers, vendors and financial institutions, handled almost $2tn of payments globally in the second quarter of this year.

On the list of the top 20 consumer Superbrands, Visa’s marketing drive relies heavily for its global outreach on sports’ sponsorships including being a top-tier partner to the FIFA world cup.

“We are privileged to be associated with things people care about, such as sports. We are a living brand. We are a brand present across the world. And we are a brand for everyone.”

Adrian Farina, Visa

Yet it’s a brand most consumers do not directly choose or purchase from. Does the Conversation Index find them a ‘brand for everyone’ where people feel connected to the brand?

All fun no play

Visa’s campaigns are usually sports’ related focusing on associating itself with the celebration of sport and promoting acceptance though its largest ever global activation, while promoting Visa’s payment technology and innovations.

The Index gives this instantly recognisable brand one of the lowest scores due to its minimal presence on social media and very little attempt at engagement even though its driving channel, Facebook, has 22 million followers. During our investigation, we were surprised to see no posts for between 24 March and 1st June 2018.

Good-ish in a crisis

However, social media crisis comms was effectively used by the company to keep millions of Europeans informed when they were unable to pay following a major system outage last June.

get in on the action, Visa

We recognise that it may be hard to imagine how this company could co-create its products and services with its customers. However, given Visa is a major sports’ sponsor, there are many ways it could meaningfully connect with the billions of sports’ fans across the world about a much-loved topic and co-create stories and campaigns.

How could VISA cash in before we cash out?