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Industry: automative industry


Index score: 19

As a disruptor, Tesla understands the power of a good conversation compared to the more traditional car manufacturer and superbrand BMW, which came second to last in the Conversation Index.

Tesla’s social presence has grown faster than any of its competition - here’s why:

Strong presence

Having the ability to speak directly to consumers via social media allows Tesla to allocate dramatically fewer resources to marketing than its competition.

PR & Marketing strategy and activities show a more chatty and conversational tone, though led mainly by its leader Elon Musk who has been outspoken on many issues.


Tesla’s driving channel Twitter, with a stomping 2.8 million followers, is more in touch with its fan base. It appeals to its audiences with environmental awareness and climate change messages plus retweets from the company’s star attraction, CEO Elon Musk and some of its customers.

one-man crusades can put you in the wrong gear

This winning strategy can have drawbacks when its protagonist’s PR stunts backfire, including his outburst and subsequent public backlash when his offer of sending a submarine as part of the Thailand rescue effort, leading to a defamation case. This goes against the grain of Tesla’s values and ethos as a brand who wants to be progressive and caring. Nevertheless this disruptor brand has a much better engagement score than its more established counterpart.

Would you expect more from this unconventional brand?