Become a platform not a creator

First steps: Start with your social channels


Invite stories.

Leverage social media to convene stories from your customers rather than treating your audiences as passive recipients. Social media is a powerful tool to drive forward narratives but it needs to have the right ingredients.


Plant the seed.

Spark interesting conversations to help people to feel genuinely engaged in conversation. Enable people to connect with the content in a way that drives them to act or behave differently.


Head out of the sand.

Listen to people you want to engage with, finding out what they care about, and how it empowers the narrative. Don't just praise the positive and ignore every negative comment, because sometimes there is a valid point being made. Connect with what the audience feels passionate about.


The honesty policy.

Value honest engagement: If people find engagement disingenuous lacking in timely or substantive response, then having a social media presence can be counter-productive.


Show & tell.

Be transparent not some, but ALL of the time: A social media narrative should ensure a level of transparency about funding and strategy that must pass a reasonable person’s litmus test.


Say it like you mean it.

Engage with intention: How to provoke and support action by engaging with intention and providing the audience a clear and easy route to support the story.


Sustainably engaging with your customer, consumers and people at large by…


Being dialogic

1. Seeing people as the experts and storytellers of your brand

2. Become a brand activist not a pusher: Less about content creation, less about driving conversations to enable people to become lead characters of the brand’s narrative

3. Asking them when you are not sure about a decision

4. Being curious and ask people questions

5. Being willing to be transformed by people’s conversations

6. Being inspired by the multiplicity of their narratives

7. Paying attention to what your consumers are saying

8. Being interested in their various and differing points of view

9. Observing the vocabulary of their conversations

10. Talking to people on the same wavelength – we need a fair and level playing field!


Where do we go from here?


We want to know what you think.

How do you see brands engaging with people currently?

How do you think your favourite brands can build more dialogic engagement?

How do recreate engagement to mean something more meaningful for people?

What do you think the PR & Marketing industry needs to encourage sustainable engagement?

Let us know what you think. Have we hit the nail on the head or missed the point?

We want to hear from you and to start a dialogic conversation with you – we practise what we preach.