Number 1
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Industry: Toys & Games


Index score: 42

Ranked number 1 among the top 20 consumer Superbrands, Lego is a well-known name synonymous with fun, imagination and creativity.

After over a decade of exponential revenue growth, Lego has recently reported a fall in sales and profit grappling with strong headwinds in the form of increasingly fickle customers and children’s attention from mobile phones and drones to collectable toys and robots.

However, Lego is still a king amongst men and holds the top spot in The Conversation Index - here’s why:

Lego created by the people for the people

Lego is all about people building unique structures and models of their own using Lego’s simple blocks. The brand takes this concept much further than other brands by building audience engagement through its Lego Ideas campaign for example. The campaign encourages fans to submit their own ideas for new Lego playsets.

Fans respond to this with impressive ideas with some creations turning into official Lego playsets. This is exceptional user-generated content that is not gimmicky and is at the heart of how this organisation designs its products, a true reflection of what being dialogic is all about.


The language throughout its other social media channels are conversational and invite people to contribute, ask questions, enter contests rather than largely the  message push most other brands rely on.


Its Twitter account mimics the spirit of co-creation to communicate directly with customers, actively responding to the many positive mentions, requests for new ideas and promotes many of the creations made by its loyal fans, while also addressing questions and concerns.

Has Lego figured out the way to build a better world brick-by-brick?