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Industry: soft drinks

10.Karma cola

Index score: 16.5

A Fairtrade do-good company competing with big soft drinks’ giants is brave but also putting another nail in the coffin of the argument that you can’t be good, ethical and generate healthy revenues.

 As its co-founder, Matt Morrison, recently said:

 “Doing good as the purpose that drives our company: it’s between everything we do, and everybody that gets involved, whether it’s investors or employees, are part of that purpose.”

Sharing the middle spot with Divine in the Conversation Index is not great news for this brand - Here’s why:

A company doing good

Karma Cola, which gives 3p of the cost of every bottle sold to cola nut producers in Sierra Leone, is now sold in 23 countries and has been named ‘The World’s Faired Trader’ by The Fairtrade Foundation. Its growing base of fans tattooed themselves, and created Instagram accounts, murals and flower pot cans dedicated to the brand, yet this brand only managed a statement about ‘telling the truth’ rather than instigating a conversation about what that means and how its customers can help the company represent it.

not engaging enougn on social

The Conversation Index found minimal conversations and no evidence of real engagement aligned to its ethos. How can this disruptor be more emboldened and win hearts & minds to beat Coca-Cola in the engagement game?

Their Co-founder Simon Coley said ‘There’s intrigue in the brand, and humour too. We don’t take ourselves too seriously; I think people are pretty fatigued at being preached at.’ Yet the Conversation Index didn’t see much of that on show. This brand is a heavyweight disruptor with the huge potential to be much more dialogic.

How can it build on its ethos to not preach but collaborate and enthuse in its increasingly loyal fan base?