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Industry: retail

13.John Lewis & Partners

Index score: 15.3

As a Superbrand, John Lewis stands out due to its partnership model and much-loved and anticipated Christmas ad campaigns.

The brand is making the right moves, going back to its roots with its recent rebrand by adding ‘& partners’ to its new logo and brand identity – “We’re more than employees. We’re partners. Which means we all have a share in the business and we all have a shared commitment.”

Has the recent brand refresh brought with it more engagement with its loyal fans?

Making the right moves

John Lewis & Partners recently launched a campaign on its social channels ‘to put marketing in the hands of staff’ by encouraging staff to develop and share social media content using the hashtag #wearepartners, as a teaser campaign for the major rebrand, including announcing their latest Christmas ad with Elton John.

Yet leaves us wanting

These are the right steps to improve engagement and encourage co-creation of the brand’s story, yet #wearepartners campaign was not replicated on its driving channels including Twitter and Instagram.

 By mainly promoting and broadcasting, John Lewis’ social media channels did not corroborate with the company’s more co-creational strategy and we didn’t witness any real conversations taking place with consumers.

How could John Lewis further empower its partners and customers to be the voice of the organisation?