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Industry: FMCG

2.Kraft Heinz

Index score: 35

Heinz, which merged with Kraft Foods in 2015, is listed 9th on the top 20 consumer Superbrands with a refreshingly engaging strategy and approach to creating and marketing its products. This company also tops our list of what real engagement looks like. Its PR & Marketing strategy goes beyond most other Superbrands in injecting co-creation with their customers.

Our Conversation Index gave this company the second spot in our league table of the most engaging brands. Here’s why:

New products created by people

Its approach deepens the relationship people have with this iconic brand and getting shoppers to try newer lines through consulting and adapting their products with anyone who wants to take part. This democratisation of product development is as tasty as it is refreshing.

I say mayo, you say mayochup

For example, April’s Twitter teasers about "mayochup" - its new product combining mayonnaise and ketchup - is illustrative of the brand’s new approach, and how social media can be a successful source of engagement. The "mayochup" effort included a poll asking consumers, "Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for 'yes' and we'll release it to you saucy Americans." Its human and friendly voice and tone are a great credit to this company.


This approach didn’t simply catch people’s attention nor was it a stunt with empty promises—they made consumers feel like key decision makers in the rollout of the product. This is a good way to conduct a free focus group and build an online debate that people want to engage in, but on a much wider platform embracing emergence rather than trying to control the story about its products.

We co-created a kind of custom partnership with them.
— Michelle St. Jacques, head of U.S. brand and R&D for Kraft Heinz

If Kraft Heinz can do it now, when will other consumer brands ketchup?