Number 1
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Industry: Food


Index score: 10

Usually known for its glossy celebrity endorsements and aspirational branding, Haagen Dasz leaves us cold when it comes to connecting and engaging with millions of consumers online.

Reaching the bottom of the Conversation Index League table is a new low for this Superbrand - here’s why:

Looks Good on the outside, but…

After its biggest ever brand overhaul in 2017, complete with fresh packaging, a new logo and a global advertising campaign, Häagen Dasz has low levels of engagement. An audit of the company’s driving channel Facebook which has 4.3 million followers showed up a total of 5 posts over a 3 months period and all fall in the broadcasting range!

Talk is cheap

Coming last in Brægen ‘s inaugural Index is a sad indication of a brand that does not seem to want to engage with its global consumers beyond the broadcasting approach. It’s like having a monlogue where you don’t really care if anyone is listening. Let’s have some florals because it’s International Woman’s Day.

Celebrity fatigue

The company will not woo millennials with this approach or by signing up the men's world number three tennis player Grigor Dimitrov as its global ambassador. This slightly dated celebrity scoop does go not far enough in grabbing the attention of younger audiences, who are suffering from celebrity fatigue.

What can Häagen Dasz do to melt our hearts?