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Industry: entertainment

6.Dream works

Index score: 22

Founded over 25 years ago, Dreamworks has produced some of the best films and entertainment of the 21st century including Shrek, which is among the highest-grossing films of all times. Following the model of Walt Disney, the company has also ploughed money into theme parks and resorts.

Unlike its rival Disney, this brand achieves a good score in the Conservation Index.

Engaging storytelling

The index spotted evidence of real engagement and some co-creation with its fans and followers. Rather than blasting their channels with continuous broadcasting messages, they take care to be engaging, injecting humour in what they do such as holding a Q&A on Twitter with How-to-Train-Your-Dragon character Astrid.

Driving online conversations

Dreamworks doesn't just rely on pushing out its promotional messaging, instead it interacts with audiences by sparking successful Twitter conversations asking them ‘Where in history would you like to travel to?’ as part of promoting its new film, Mr Peabody and Sherman and retweeting consumer content. We would however like to see more of these interactive moments which create a feeling that you can also be part of the story, rather than a passive viewer, which is more akin to its competitor Disney.

The next generation of TV

A strong co-creational element is DreamWorks Animation’s Awesomeness TV. A YouTube channel, which is at the forefront of this DIY culture with a network of teens and tweens creating their own and consuming each other’s content on curated YouTube channels.

Dreamworks wins hands down if standing next to its rival Disney for how it sparks conversations and gives people the opportunity to be a storyteller too.

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