Number 1
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Industry: Retail (fair trade)


Index score: 16.5

This Fairtrade mission-driven chocolate company was recognised as one of the world’s ‘Best Corporations’ by ‘creating the most positive community impact’. It ticks all the right boxes of a company that does good, for example, investing 2% of its revenue on community & farming projects.

However, it shares the middle ground in The Conversation Index with Karma Cola - here’s why:

Ethos don’t match the online world

Co-owned by cocoa farmers, it’s the perfect brand to be have meaningful engagement with its consumers, who are largely motivated to purchase its products because of its social and environmental ethos and drive. People are drawn to this chocolate brand beyond quality and taste. Yet we saw little evidence of high-levels of engagement and opportunities for co-creation as expectations have been set high for this brand given what it espouses.

Competitions don’t go far enough

The brand does run competitions including the Divine Chocolate Poetry competition in conjunction with Christian Aid, yet these are single events that do not involve large parts of its diverse audiences.

We expect much more from this brand that does good.

How could this worthy brand seize this opportunity to embrace its values and go further in how it engages people?