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Industry: Media & entertainment


Index score: 13.2

Disney, we’re told, is where magic happens. The world’s largest multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate runs some of the most well-known products and services, from films to television channels, to merchandise and theme parks.

 On the content side, this Superbrand is now facing stiff competition from the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Disney undershot latest forecasts for earnings and revenues in its most recent quarter, sending shares down by as much as 3 per cent.

Faced with unprecedented consumer choice, how does the brand truly engage with its millions (possibly even billions) of adoring and loyal fans?

Is this a story with a happy ending?

There are too many social media channels to review so we focused on the official Disney account as it is one of the most active with the largest number of followers. The Conversation Index found Disney as the only storyteller in town with very little conversation starters. It’s as if Disney has zero interest in what its millions of audiences around the world think or feel, instead focusing on message push.

don’t judge a book by its cover

While its Twitter account is one of the most visual we’ve seen, we’re left bewildered why this story-maker has not tried to spark conversations or seek out stories and experiences.

Famous quotes and lines from Disney films and characters can only go far enough before people switch off or hit the pause button. The best stories live on from one generation to the next, but that can only be successful if everyone feels that they are the storytellers as well as the attentive listeners.

When will Disney concede its power over the message and realise it’s a small world, after all?