Number 1
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Industry: beverage

5.Coca Cola

Index score: 23

Arguably the world’s most instantly recognisable brands, how is it raking in fans and followers backed by successful global advertising campaigns? How is this Superbrand dealing with today’s challenges, namely sugar tax, obesity, inclusion and an ever-increasing range of alternative products?  

Although losing its edge, Coca Cola is listed in the top five of The Conversation Index - here’s why:

I just love Coke?

A ‘We are Coca-Cola and so much more’ message has dominated their recent strategy, launching an iced tea and non-dairy drinks, as well as the recent acquisition of Costa coffee in the UK. Their inspirational and usually engaging advertising campaigns have taken a hit in recent years with ‘I just love Coke’ being awarded ‘Turkey of the Week’ by Campaign magazine.

Making all the right ‘Social’ noises

Although not active on a daily basis, we examined Coca-Cola’s core global Twitter account with evidence of campaigns to engage its audience and generate content that they can share on Twitter. Not only does this make customers a very real part of the brand experience, they are creating advocates. They also tap into influencer marketing and crowdsourcing content from its millions of followers on social and retweet that content.

A brand that’s losing its edge?

Coming fifth in the ‘Lego Index’ is good news for this brand. If they want to win the top spot, they need to be ahead of the curve in how they engage with their large following and think about what co-creation means for this global brand and its products.

How could this Superbrand bring back its relevancy in an era of change?