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Industry: Confectionary


Index score: 13.3

One of the world’s most recognised chocolate brands, we homed in on one of Cadbury’s most active driving channels for Dairy Milk. Its Facebook page, amassing global followers of 20+ million, has only managed to post 9 times over 3 months.

Yet this Superbrand is in the bottom league of Braegen’s inaugural Conversation Index - here’s why:

Only light-touch leaving us hungry for more

There is evidence of light touch conversational content including conventional competitions and contests to win a trip to the Cadbury factory, a year’s supply of Dairy Milk and the chance to be the first to taste new products.

Though this brand is ripe for a more engaging strategy tapping into its loyal fan base on a deeper level including consulting them on a potential new product or to co-create brand stories through consumer aggregation of stories and images.

Responsive in a crisis

Reactively Cadbury dealt with a barrage of criticism following the proliferation of fake news on removing the word Easter from its Easter eggs’ collection and introducing halal-certified chocolate. The social media team responds to every single criticism with patience given the inaccuracy of the stories.

However, the use of humour on this occasion would have won it praise, support and created a positive story rather than the stock and repetitive ‘crisis management’ style messages we read.

How could Cadbury inject some sweetness back into its online persona?