Number 1
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Industry: Food

12.Biona Organic

Index score: 15.5

A leading ethical organic brand and free of GMOs, this 20-year old company is very diligent in tracing all the ingredients it uses – from farm inspections, to checking raw material supplies, and signing off the final products.

As a disruptor in the market, its score in The Conversation Index is not aligned to its ethos as a brand - here’s why:

Promotions, but no engagement

There is very little published about this company’s overall PR & Marketing strategy , making it harder to analyse its approach, though, like this brand, we have traced its communication and style through its social media channels and PR activities.

The pure and wholesome image it conveys in its branding is not aligned with the low to medium levels of real engagement and conversations with its audiences. This is a brand that appears to be more geared towards promotional activities so even when a question is tweeted by the brand, it's more rhetorical and as result feels like the brand is going through the motions.

Left us hungry for more

Motivations behind this approach is unclear yet we don’t find it matches the ethos it wants to exude as a company that wants to do good.

Beyond its growing presence on supermarket shelves this brand could really disrupt the market and compete with more established competition.

How could it sound and act differently to meet its customers’ expectations?