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Industry: Food

7.Ben & Jerry’s

Index score: 19.3

Ben & Jerry’s has long been a refreshing competitor brand to Haagen Dasz. By valuing engagement and real interaction with its consumers and citizens at large, it takes on social & environmental causes beyond what would be considered its remit.

How does it fare when measured by the Conversation Index? It’s far more refreshing thank its conventional rival, Haagen Dasz - here’s why:

Co-designing new flavours with a twist

The brand consults on new ice cream flavours, for example in the recent US mid-term elections where it took a rather political stand to support the Democrats. Its ‘Take Back Congress, Flavor by Flavor’ — asked voters to invent ice cream names and flavors inspired by the seven Democratic candidates.

Nudging put to good effect

Generally on the cutting edge with respect to environmental causes, we examined its Twitter channel as this is where most of their conversations happen. Whilst broadcasting is still the largest chunk of their tweets, there is a healthy amount of conversations and some consumer nudging to encourage them to support or sign pledges for the company’s supported causes. Voice and tone also constitute part of Ben & Jerry’s not so secret ingredient of great content.

Ice-cream winners

Ben & Jerry’s wins hands down against Haagen Dasz. A marketing budget does not matter if you want to drive up real engagement. It’s about knowing your audience, being conversational, and openly consult with people on your products and services.

With a lot of new kids on the block in the ice cream market, what can Ben & Jerry’s do next to stay on top?