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Industry: Fashion


Index score: 24

An online fashion retailer whose market value now exceeds that of Marks & Spencer, is one of the most successful retail disruptors. A truly digitally native brand and one of the first online stores, it’s a natural in creating engaging digital-first advertising and marketing campaigns.

Another disruptor brand that’s gained top spot in The Conversation Index - here’s why:

Asos + millennials = ✔︎

This millennial-focused brand inherently knows how this segment enjoys interactions. It has a heavy influencer marketing strategy with examples like ASOS Insiders community, a group of 20 something-year olds who curate outfits of the day on ASOS. More recently, it announced its new fashion range, ‘Collusion’, for Generation Z consumers co-created with six young students, stylists, activists, image-makers, authors and Youtubers.

This co-creational element is uncommon and unheard of in fashion and retail and usually the preserve of professional designers and artists. The consultative strategy wins hands down as this brand recognises that people want to engage deeper than via celebrities and fashion catwalks.

Good online conversation

Beyond the influencer strategy, ASOS’s social media is far more conversational than older retailers like M&S – by miles. For example, on Twitter, one of the its driving channels with over a million followers, the brand often re-Tweets some of the funniest and most memorable customer tweets. Other engaging pieces including the #asseenonme campaign on Instagram where customers have their personal looks showcased on the website or #ASOSUnbox on Twitter offering prizes to customers who post clips of themselves unpacking a clothes order. This aligns the brand with community and personality by giving people the ability to engage with other customers and the brand.

Can do better

We love what this brand is doing, although we would like to see this co-creational element become more visible through its social media channels.

What else could ASOS do to engage more broadly with consumers and not only focus on a select few influencers?