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Industry: Retailer


Index score: 15.5

America's second $1 trillion company, Amazon has become a global giant. Amazon has come up with some fantastic innovations, a retailer that has completely turned the traditional business model on its head with profits ploughed back into the company to produce the next wow factor. It's perhaps surprising why it did not make the list of the top 20 Superbrands.

So how does it compare with other brands under our microscope?

Democratisation of online shopping

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has a decisive grip on the digital marketplace, and that expert knowledge is perfectly evident on their social media channels. Online customer reviews are practically synonymous with Amazon.

The platform has enabled customers to act as a collective consumer watchdog to its products and services, with reviews being promoted throughout - both before and after purchase.

Too much influence, not enough conversations

Whilst they are effective in using their channels as a marketing and customer service tool, they are not great conversationalists however.

For example, on one of their driving channels, Facebook with 28+ million followers, Amazon wants to drive an entrepreneurial spirit, however, it’s lacking in really engaging its massive customer base on a deeper level, instead it’s gone for the nudging approach.

Responsive, less engaging

Amazon replies to a staggering amount of comments left on its posts - and it does so quickly, politely, provides useful information and links, and adds the human touch by addressing commenters by first name, with the Amazon employee signing off each comment using their first name also.

How could this truly digital retailer become less ‘faceless’ and more innovative in co-creating stories about one of the world’s most known brands?